“Spheres of an Unseen World” new book release

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Re: “Spheres of an Unseen World” new book release

Post by zerdini on Wed Sep 30, 2009 10:28 am

She is a medium based at Wolverhampton Church in the West Midlands and demonstrates at churches in that area.

Nationally she is unknown.

Here is an offer of her services exactly as printed:

Services Offered By Sandrea Mosses

My main work is for Spiritualist Churches in England, Wales and Spain. I also do Church services for spiritualist churches in England and Wales
Corporate events, demonstrations, parties, interactive evenings, readings - an evening of enterntainment
Special evenings of clairvoyance
Private readings, one to one at my home OR
Party bookings in your own minimum of four and a maximum of seven
Seminars, demonstrations and a variety of workshops.
I also specialise in the clearing of unwanted guests and vistors from properties and business's.

If your business is having problems and the staff are unhappy you may have negative forces in the building adversely effecting everyone.


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