Problems of Communication

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Problems of Communication

Post by zerdini on Tue Jun 16, 2009 1:16 pm

In Personality Survives Death Lady Barrett talks to her husband, Sir William Barrett, through the mediumship of Gladys Osborne Leonard:

W.F.B. The blood has a vibration of its own, but also thought has a vibration of its own, a very important one: when we can tune our thoughts and our senses to the same vibration we shall be in communication.

Sound vibrates at a certain rate, but light is quicker than sound, much more rapid, and we have to learn on the earth to tune in, to adjust ourselves to different vibrations. It may be possible that one person can tune in to a certain rate and not another, but this will be understood and will be catered for.

People will be taught adjustment. They are taught mental control now; later they will be taught vibration control.

We vibrate much more rapidly than you. It is easier in some ways for us to slow down to you than for you to vibrate quickly to us.

Directly you try you get strain; there is tremendous strain in vibrating more rapidly than is natural to you.

In exaltation and in moments of great danger one would vibrate more rapidly; and a time or period of danger or strain extended too long produces what we call a breakdown, the strings become too taut.

Does that produce what you call a mental breakdown?

W.F.B. It does.

Do psychic things produce that?

W.F.B. They could most certainly. If you were to live in a psychic strain too much you would break down under it.

So that people cannot do more than a certain amount?

W.F.B. No, they must not. I do not agree that psychic development causes insanity, but doing too much of it might result in causing a breakdown. If you run you feel your heart going and you get out of breath. You would not be surprised if you collapsed. That is a state of strain undergone too long. And so it would be if anyone were too continuously in a psychic strain. But it helped me over things, and I feel it will be the same with you. Sometimes I lose some memory of things from coming here; I know it in my own state but not here. In dreams you do not know everything, you only get parts in a dream.

A sitting is similar; when I go back to the spirit world after a sitting like this I know I have not got everything through that I wanted to say. That is due to my mind separating again, the consciousness separating again. In the earth body we have the separation of subconscious and conscious. Consciousness only holds a certain number of memories at a time. When we pass over they join, make a complete mind that knows and remembers everything: but when one comes here to a sitting the limitation of the physical sphere affects one’s mind, and only a portion of one’s mind can function for the time being.

When I withdraw from this condition one’s whole mind becomes again both subconscious and conscious; my subconscious mind encloses my conscious one and I become whole again mentally. I think that accounts for many plane of existence and they have exaggerated it. I cannot come with and as my whole self, I cannot.

Why is that?

W.F.B. Because I have a fourth dimensional self which cannot make its fourth dimension exactly the same as the third. The fourth dimension is an extension - that is not the right way of saying it, but the only way I can say it. It is like measuring a third dimension by its square feet instead of by its cubic feet that is very much the difference between third and fourth dimension; and there is no doubt about it.

I have left something of myself outside which rejoins me directly I put myself into the condition in which I readjust myself.

Are you alone or are there others here?

A. has been, but now I am alone. I like to come alone except for A. I never mind A. You know that occasionally Myers has been with me, but he has not been today.

But I like to come just by myself; I know I get messages through more unadulterated, more exactly what I want to say.


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Re: Problems of Communication

Post by Admin on Wed Jun 17, 2009 12:08 am

Thanks Z Gladys Leobnard Osborne is a wonderful medium. Anyone who has not seen her book My Life In Two Worlds may download it from the Mission Web site here in Adelaide (hint with pdf's right click the mouse save it to your hard drive then open it)

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Re: Problems of Communication

Post by zerdini on Wed Jun 17, 2009 5:45 am

Admin wrote:Thanks Z Gladys Leobnard Osborne is a wonderful medium. Anyone who has not seen her book My Life In Two Worlds may download it from the Mission Web site here in Adelaide (hint with pdf's right click the mouse save it to your hard drive then open it)

Thanks Jim for offering readers that facility

GOL was an excellent medium - I have read all her books -there are also many references to her in other books.

Professor Barrett was an excellent communicator but even he found it difficult to convey his thoughts with any degree of accuracy as he explains in the book.


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