Interesting Article on Patience Worth

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Re: Interesting Article on Patience Worth

Post by zerdini on Tue Feb 24, 2009 11:30 am

It seems to be more about Pearl Curran than Patience Worth!

They left out this:

Her collected works fill twenty-nine bound volumes, 4375 single-spaced pages. There were five full-length novels, the most successful being The Sorry Tale a 300,000 word story of the earthly life of Jesus which was reviewed as follows in the The New York Times, July 8, 1917:

"This long and intricate tale of Jewish and Roman life during the time of Christ is constructed with the precision and accuracy of a master hand. It is a wonderful, a beautiful and noble book."

Patience Worth also wrote over 2,500 poems. She won a national poetry contest in which forty thousand contestants submitted multiple entries. She was regularly published in America's most prestigious annual poetry anthology.

One of her greatest admirers was the publisher William Reedy who was on the award-selecting committee for the first Pulitzer Prize for poetry. He was a regular visitor to Pearl's house and he said of her poems:

They contain passages of bewitching beauty, of rare high spirits, of pathos. It does not equal Shakespeare or Spencer. It is not so great as Chaucer. But if there be any intelligences communicating poems by Ouija board or otherwise... it is good poetry, better poetry than we find in our magazines as a rule poetry with a quality of its own.


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Re: Interesting Article on Patience Worth

Post by Admin on Tue Feb 24, 2009 11:04 pm

Once Again Thanks Z

I believe that this is worth a bit of detailed research, I have several titles in E format. I am about to load some books onto a yahoo group where there is space for files one minor shortcoming on here.

The alternative may be to load them onto Scribd an put a link here.



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Re: Interesting Article on Patience Worth

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