Our First Experimental Christmas Tree Seance Dec 2015

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Our First Experimental Christmas Tree Seance Dec 2015

Post by Admin on Tue Dec 08, 2015 12:57 am

--Nick asked me to post about our experience at the centre. This is expanded from the posting I made on the centre's Facebook page.

Now there were several specific items to consider when reviewing this.

-It was a totally open event (most recorded sťances are invite only) and we had no idea of either the numbers that would attend or who the people would be. In the end we had 11, many with no idea what was likely to happen. Indeed my guide would comment that one reason for the lack of play was Spirit were uncertain how people would, in fact, react if toys began moving.

-I have never attempted to run a sťance, we had no denoted physical medium (most Christmas Tree Sťances were in the presence of a known physical medium, on my side, at best, the last time we had table tipping it became apparent the table stopped if I was not on it). I was relying on instructions my guides gave me beforehand and also upon the suggestions Lis (who did not attend) received from Spirit. In addition after a bad fall two Mondays ago I was still in a fair amount of pain, which hampered my own abilities (back to doctors soon Lis and I think the damage to my Thigh may be more severe than first thought because 6 days on it can still be agonising if I push too much)

-Although we intended to use dim red light the room has no blackout and there was a fair degree of residual light (enough to se without any lighting). Indeed on the third day of a heatwave, with the temperature still over the old 100 F (the previous 2 days had been 103F and 105F) the air-conditioning had to be on needing windows to be open †and causing the blinds to move. Additionally as we started storms, lightning, thunder and hail rolled in.

-About 15 minute before starting we became entangled in an effort to rescue to rather lovely small dogs that had no identification on them. One came into the garden of the centre and the other kept running off. As a distraction this was definitely undesirable. Luckily a neighbour sat outside with them waiting the RSPCA. So are start was late.

-Basically from the start it was my intent, with my guides support, to push the envelope of how a sťance could be run. Go back to first base, when they began. a time when no one had any "rules", ignoring all the well meaning "myths" that have built up to become the absolute requirements for success (which of course they were not with the first materialisations). Sadly, particularly in the light of the time we obtained Spirit faces on group members, our Parapsychologist with the low light camera and energy instruments, could not make it so we have no record.

Short opening prayer then a meditation designed purely to lift the entire energy in the room and within people. A dedication prayer then silly songs, including obligatory Rudolph and Jingle Bells, as a nod to tradition, amazing how well people did this but I realise we now need to move on to modern songs which could be sung to the same effect.

Then lower the lights (waste of time enough residual light to see well enough anyway) and ask Spirit to take over. Really what happened then was totally inconclusive, remember we were almost certainly using energy not ectoplasm. Everyone reported seeing ( but in reality subjectively) one or more Spirit Children, we even had some noises around the room although these needed separating from the natural sounds. I certainly was aware of the children and they formed a complete circle around the tree at one time, while other "adult" Spirits including my guide were present in the circuit. This is a feeling although my guide was close, we had an agreement that I would if needed drop into trance for the first time but I worked with him just passing his words on.

Two things became clear, given the mixed nature of the audience (although I was aware everyone would behave appropriately) there was some concern on the Spirit side about how people would really react if the musical instruments suddenly started up, the balls were kicked and the push along toys started moving. The second was something (like the use of old fashioned silly songs) relating to the type of toys, my guide indicated that Spirit Children of today almost needed teaching what to do with toys like ours (subjectively I heard one Spirit Child say where's the Xbox). I think Spirit may need to teach them because we will never have people willing to donate at that level.

After waiting some time it was suggested by my guide that we move to doing something else at another part of the room, then see what happened around the tree afterwards. First stop was table tipping where the best we achieved was a little movement. Unfortunately by this point my leg was in real pain so as the table started I had to step back.

That failure did not worry me because we moved to a place where individuals cold stand wrapped in black out curtain with just the face showing in dim red light. Every individual had Spirit overlaying different faces, changing size, sex hair colour , adding moustaches, beards and glasses. This is an extension of work through the last few years. It does not produce, as yet, recognisable faces but it shows a potential for Spirit to achieve things well beyond the established idea of a single transfiguration medium. In terms of observable and witnessed phenomena this was the nights high spot. The lack of the low light camera was really unfortunate.

By the end of this section the energy was dipping so we returned to the circle and lifted the main room lights a little. Clearly there had been no major play with the toys but a few were in different positions. To finish the evening we stood to form a circle around the tree holding hands and offering a thanks to Spirit, our guides and helpers, a blessing on those from Spirit and a blessing on those disadvantaged children who would receive the toys that the energy with in them would uplift them helping them both this Christmas and for their future life. Suddenly, as we did this, everyone felt the presence of the Spirit Children moving round brushing against legs and touching hands, some saw them subjectively and heard them. No evidence but a moment that will last for all of us who attended.

Sadly I can offer no proof for any of this, there is no evidence to back up anything I write so I do not expect anyone to just accept our experiences as truth. Indeed I still wonder if Spirit are truly prepared to provide perfect indisputable evidence. Were they to do that, with the world as it is now, would the knowledge be for the good of mankind or open to misuse?

The reality is that $200 and around 30 toys will be donated to the Salvation Army's Smith Family Christmas Present appeal. †This follows are ability to donate $1,250 held over, mainly given by Irene McGilvray DSNU,OSNU,TSNU from monies received during her April visit for charitable donation on a fire appeal, to help the victims of SA's latest disaster the Pinery Fires which swept the near north nearly reaching the Barossa valley.

Oh yes we will be doing it again next year for the same charity and hope more people will come, in between times we will practice.

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Re: Our First Experimental Christmas Tree Seance Dec 2015

Post by Neilos on Tue Dec 08, 2015 9:09 am

Sounds like an excellent outcome and a good sťance considering it was the first time.


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Re: Our First Experimental Christmas Tree Seance Dec 2015

Post by nick pettitt on Tue Dec 08, 2015 2:25 pm

Thanks for writing the report and as Neilos says it was a good seance for a first attempt. It's interesting what you say about the spirit children today wanting more modern toys like xboxes. With Colin Fry's Christmas Tree seances in was mainly fluffy animals, toy cars, dolls tea sets etc. He would always ask that nobody brought along anything that would light up because of the light sensitive ectoplasm. Unfortunately somebody did bring something that lit up and when it did the ectoplasm shot back into his solar plexus causing burns and making Colin very ill. He did continue to sit for physical mediumship after a few weeks but the controls told us it had set back his development by a couple of years which was a shame as the spirit team were working on bringing their own light into the seance room so we could see them. This never happen as a year later Colin stopped physical seances to concentrate on his clairvoyance and TV work.

nick pettitt

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Re: Our First Experimental Christmas Tree Seance Dec 2015

Post by mac on Tue Dec 08, 2015 3:21 pm

It's a long time ago and I can only just remember the events. †I was always disappointed that Colin withdrew from demonstrating physical mediumship as I'd hoped he would be the one to bring it out into the open to a mass audience. It wasn't to be.


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