Although we know ... we don't

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Although we know ... we don't

Post by AiR_Ravimelwani on Mon Nov 02, 2015 9:16 am

Although we know, we don't - isnít it strange?

This statement itself sounds so funny. But it is true because though we know the reality - the truth that we are not this body but the divine spirit, though we know that it is only the body that will die, be buried, be cremated and that we really donít die, we donít live that way. Therefore, this statement - although we know, we don't.

If we truly knew and understood, then we would not live the way that we live now. We live as the body. We pamper the body, we let the body control us as if the body is supreme, when in reality, the body is not supreme. It is the soul, our prana, our energy, our atman that is supreme. Our true life is not the physical and the gross body, our true life is the divine spirit.

The irony, the paradox of it all is that we know. We know that we are not the body, we know that we are the divine spirit, the power within, but still donít live that way.

Why is it that we behave as if we donít know when actually we know? Why is it that although we know, we donít live that way?

This is the problem with human beings. Most of the problems are rooted in the mind, the senses, personality traits and habits. They all combine to make the character that we are. Because we are a particular character or we have been brought up in a certain way and our belief systems become fixed, we are unable to mould ourselves, change ourselves and be what we should be, that we know we must be. Unfortunately, although we know what we should be, what we must be, we continue to be who we are because we do not have the courage to change. It is so important not just to know but to be and when you be, then you truly know. Let us try to walk our talk, which is to live the truth that we know.



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Re: Although we know ... we don't

Post by normy on Mon Nov 02, 2015 9:38 am

The problem is, that most folk really do not know or accept they are not just the body, therefore they cannot behave in the way you might like them to.

We have to accept that we are in a minority, but continue to live with our own truth, as you suggest.

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