How do we escape from pain?

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How do we escape from pain?

Post by AiR_Ravimelwani on Sat Oct 17, 2015 8:25 am

Each of us human beings faces an unpleasant emotion called pain. Can we escape from pain? We go through physical pain, we go through emotional pain, sometimes intellectual pain.

We go through these physical, emotional and intellectual pains because we donít have a spiritual evolution within us. The spiritual evolution makes us realize that we are not the body, and as long as we donít realize that we are not the body, pain shall persist. Nobody can escape from pain. Ask those who have crossed a half century in years and they know the true meaning of pain. As children we donít feel pain so much because we are indifferent towards pain, we are ignorant of pain because it doesnít come to us so much, unless we are those few unfortunate ones who are born with pain or who grow up with pain. But otherwise, pain is unknown to the little ones growing up, though, as adults sometimes, we experience pain. The pain starts as we grow older; we experience financial pain as we grow in business or success pain, when we face failure. We face emotional pain, in love and relationships and we feel intellectual pain with people and circumstances.

Pain is the reality of the samsaar Ė this world because the whole idea of this world is for us to realize that we are not these physical bodies, but we are the spiritual bodies. Till we donít realize that we are spiritual beings wearing this physical body, pain shall persist. The only way to escape from pain is to realize the truth: we are not this body and to move on towards that Liberation, Freedom called mukthi or Nirvana.



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