Itís your life ....

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Itís your life ....

Post by AiR_Ravimelwani on Fri Oct 02, 2015 7:27 am

What is life? Well, different people view life differently. For some people, life is just to have fun. Yes, the goal of life is happiness, money, fame, pleasure, but this is not so for everybody. For others, life is a journey of contentment and fulfillment. Itís not about making money, itís about making a difference. And then to a very few, life is beyond achievement and fulfillment; life is about Realization and Enlightenment. But whatever life is - one point is very clear that it is YOUR life, just like my life is my life. Life is that period between birth and death. However, that is only our physical life. Unfortunately, because we do not realize that our life is beyond our physical life, we look at our life as only that part from birth to death. We donít question what happens before birth and we donít question what happens after death, because we feel that itís my life and my life is the life I was born with and I die with. The question thatís in front of us, therefore, is - what is your life? Sure, itís your life, but is your life just those 50, 60, 70, 100 years on earth? Or is there something more to your life that you donít realize? There is certainly something more to your life beyond what you realize, and that is the question we must search an answer for. There is life before birth and there is life after death, and that also is your life, but are you going to open your eyes and realize the truth? Or are you going to think of your life only as your physical life, consumed as you live and die and then all over?

Well. .. itís your life. †



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