His regular haunt: Bar staff spooked

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Re: His regular haunt: Bar staff spooked

Post by KatyKing on Mon Mar 12, 2012 2:14 pm

Had a call out to a very old pub on outskirts of Peterborough back in 2010.
Manager and his wife being bothered by 'ghost'. Old landlord had been there donkey's years and retired these new folk were employees of the brewery as opposed to regular owner/landlords. Not happy in their job at all and the customers were 'mourning' their old pal the landlord who had upped and retired. Certainly some imprints in the building going off the cold spots I felt but nothing untoward at all.
I heard later that they'd left citing ghostly doings but still suspect that was an excuse for them to leave a job they neither liked nor paricularly wanted.

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